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blash at Dreikönigskeller on 23.09.2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011


…alright alright…

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

I was just told people are wondering what’s happening in our little band…so here’s an update! Yes, we’re still alright even if we didn’t post much recently. Still alive, still kicking, still rolling. Actually we were busy in our little underground bunker and a new song is almost finished. All the while we revamped some of the older songs and added some fills here and there, straightened out creases, fixed some wear & tear issues. Not really breakthrough stuff, and mostly not worth to make a big deal out of it, but right now the songs in our playlist sound a bit better, appear straighter and feel  a lot fresher.

Right now we’re applying for sumer festivals, but so far nothing was confirmed. Big part of a reason is that most of this year’s summer we’ll be on vacation, or at least some of us will 😉 This means many festivals are out of reach calendarwise. So a good guess would be that we’ll be back on stage in fall to start the indoor season. As for now, we keep up doing some jamming and some additional fixing. And most of all: We’ll enjoy the summer to come :)

Yours sincerly

blash at Schlosskeller on 27.04.2010

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

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Down with the 3 Kings

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

That’s was that :) this year’s show at the beloved 3königskeller was not that sold out but rocked anyway. Man, I really love that place, it’s just so relaxed and cosy and the onstage sound is pretty fine, so we’ll be definetely playing there again…and again :) Thanx Jesse, you’re really the man.

The support that night was “NoReasonFor”, a Gießen-based punkrock band…that really kicked butt and burned up that stage. Thanx for joining us! Let’s have a re-match some day soon…

By now I really don’t know how we are on stage. I mean, I listen to Blash one or two times a week, we’re doing that for four years now and played quite some shows. All I can say how it felt…and that was good last night. Good to be back in the city!! Even though not so many people joined us I saw a lot of pleased, happy faces dancing and jumping around and screaming for encore. So I my guess is we rocked that show…which matches the feeling I had up there on stage. Even the new song (Prince of Suburbia) cranked quite straight out of the amps…which is also good :)

Did you notice how many “really” and smilies are in that blog? Zillions! Just a thought…
Anyway, we’ll be writing at least one new song for next time we’ll head for the stage, so we’ll be gone for the rest of the year, only to be seen and heard around our bunker. Feel free to pester us there for autographs :) So, see you around! Enjoy your time on planet Earth, and leave it a better place each day…

blash at Dreikönigskeller on 29.10.2010

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

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Blash’s kicking it again at the famous 3KoenigsKeller…and it always sells out fast, so be there early to get in! Otherwise you won’t hear the new songs…

Blash im 3KönigsKeller…muss man noch mehr sagen? Kommt früh, dann kommt ihr auch noch rein…DER Pflichttermin schlechthin, plus neue Songs. Hingehen!!

blash at Havanna on 16.10.2010

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

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Blash will rock the south of Hessia. We will hit the stage together with Entweder/Oder and M-16 on October, 16th. It start at 21h, so be there, see us!


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Yo guys & gals!

Almost forgot to post that thing here…it’s getting worse with age 😉 by now we really and finally have some serious band shots. Four years running, and we got it nailed…and they’re looking awesome. We spent several hours at some destitute ramshackle run-down ex-warehouse and Nicole (thanx!!) took about a zillion photos we’ll be posting soon…stay tuned!

The shooting was on a sunny Sunday a week ago, when we entered the shut down area somewhere near Hanau. After some minutes a freaky neighbor started yelling at us to get the hell out and that he’d call the cops if we wouldn’t…we would not. No way! So we went deeper inside the ruin and kept shooting for hours. A police car passed by, without bothering to take a closer look or to enter. Sorry neighbordude, that was a fail on your scoreboard :)

When we got out of the building, rather its carcass, the sun was still up and we were able to take some more photos in bright sunshine. All in all a great day out there, especially the breaking the law feel of it all 😉 Thanx to Nicole once again, and hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do! See you round!!

…gone for the summer…

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Hey folks!

It seering outside and definitely time for a summer break to chase some waves, collect some new images, broaden the horizon and of course to gather some inspiration for the things before us. We wish you all a pleasant sunny summertime whereever you are and whatever you do. Enjoy life!

We’ll be back on stage in fall 2010…watch out!

Rock! Rock!! ROCK!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I know we wrote that a lot by now, but last show was really huge…I mean, it was our first CD release in world history, and it was just so great. Even before it started it was a day to remember, with both of Frankfurt’s sport teams winning over some of the leagues’ best; but anyway, one great thing of the day was to team up with Projekt RSK and Gaspain. Those guys are just such nice fellow-beings, I can’t remember such a relaxed and easy get together of band egos. I hope we’ll play some more shows over time as that was an amazing bunch we had assembled last Saturday to celebrate the “Airtime”-CD.

The show itself was semi-crowded but enthusiastic, so what more can we hope for?! It’s just so humbling to stand on stage and see and hear people singing your (!) lyrics…those songs wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us…neither would the texts…and there are people who know the songs and sing and dance along! Can anybody understand what a big deal that is?! If not, try to get that feeling. Really!

Oh, and we finally played one new song, the first one for over a year. “What’s wrong” went pretty okay, and the crowd loved it, with its straight-in-your-face-appeal and the singalonglyrics it’s going to be an integral part of our new playlist. And there are even two more waiting to be aired over the next two shows…so be prepared to hear a lot of new Blash-stuff.

Talking about hearing stuff…if you don’t have the CD by now, you really should get it. Just send us an E-Mail ( and get that thing! It’s 5 Euro each, and it truly is an offer you can’t refuse – signatures also available on request 😉

Alright then, that’s it for today, enjoy life and see you next time around!!


Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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Hey everybody out here, a little time has passed since we’ve last met, and things are beginning to unravel….ooohoooo, mysterious….OK, cut the crap! To break the news to you: WE’RE BACK! And this time in full stereo and full-3D. We have announced it for many months now, and by today it is done, our debut EP “Airtime” is ready for take-off; all songs are mixed, the artwork is well on its way, and we’re about to hit the stage again. So here’s the whole non-back-to-back-double-header-package:

CD Release Gig at Elfer, Frankfurt

CD Release Gig at Elfer, Frankfurt

March 20: CD Release of “Airtime”  the Elfer in Frankfurt, together with our new and old friends of Gaspain and Projekt RSK.

April 17: First festival show this year at the 2010 SpringJam in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen

…check the “dates” section for more details….

Apart from that….man, this year starts off fine. Two shows booked already, the CD on the final yards, the band healthy and complete, and the weather will also be better and warmer soon :) The olympics are going alright, the alps are still covered with snow, and summer vacation is going to be a blast. The bunker is still standing, the amps are still pumping, and Shortfuse’s throat is shrinking back to normal. AND….we got some new songs coming at you this time round!! So,  you see, we’re just a happy little band, and if you join us live, well, no guarantee, but it’s pretty safe to say you’ll have a night you won’t regret…

So, check your schedule, block the live dates, be there, roq on!