Back from wherever

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Hey everybody!

Yes, we’re back, and chances are you’ll be seeing us live this winter season. Right now we’re writing new songs which tend to be more on the melodic but still fast edge, and we’re eager to present them live. Check back in late summer for more news, and more live shit.

Surf’s up!! Gotta go….

blash at Open Stage on 05.04.2013

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Happy 2013!!

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See you guys round…live and in 3D…


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Hey folks!

We have just finished sort of a live-show-doubleheader, two gigs in 4 days. That’s pretty uncommon on our terms, and we’re proud like a god, to quote an awesome song from the 90s. 3Königskeller was a blast, as always, and this time we even had some people frome Venice Beach in the audience. And guess what? They liked it :) From time to time we’re wondering whether people that don’t know us really like what we’re doing, and then we learn (again and again), that they do. Hell, that feels great.
Also the show at Langenselbold some days later proved some ground in that respect. Talking about respect, thanks to you crazy bangers in the pit for rocking the brains out of your heads while headbanging for three songs straight. You must’ve had a gigantic headache the next day. If not, even more “Hut ab!” as we put it here in Germany. Haope you enjoyed the show! We definetly did, and from watching you jumping, bopping, nodding, shaking and dancing, you did, too!! We should play there again :)
Sooo, for some future talk…and to end this entry…hold to your seats…we have been “discovered”, and we’ll be travelling to a producer/management by the end of this month. Pretty psyched about what’s gonna happen there, and if they like us in real life, too. By now they know our websites…we’ll keep you up to date…

Alright, see/read you soon!
Roq on!!

New Livephotos online…check them out :)

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…text will follow soon…

MCA died … rest in peace, bro … what a sad day

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New Shows!!

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Blash proudly present…two more shows for 2012…check the dates section!


Thanx for voting!

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High everybody!

The voting is over, thank you all for clicking in; we didn’t make it, but a good third place in a voting of ten is alright with us, especially when you have heard all that mainstream-pop-crap of the two bands ahead of us. In our terms, we’re on spot one of the harder category…which is enough for us :) Oh, and by the way, the photos of our last show are – finally – online. Check them out!

Have a roqing new year!!

Vote for us!!

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We’re attempting to become “Frischling des Monats”, so we need your help…it would be great if you would…

1) click on

2) vote 5 stars on us

3) repeat that every day all december long

4) and make us the winners :)

Love out to all supporters!!

How time flies…

By shortfuse October 9th, 2011, under blashblog

Is it the season or is it something in the water? Right now time flies so fast, it’s hard to keep up with band issues. Our last show is almost twi weeks down, and still it seems like yesterday. It was the third year in a row that we played at the beloved Dreikönigskeller (thanx bro for having us that often!) in our hometown, and it was fucking A+, just to speak in the oh so important rating lingo 😉

The evening started pretty bad as Shortfuse ate something weird and was confined to the bleachers while setting up the stage and hanging back with the other band (Smoking Thompson by the way are really good hang around guys!). At the time the show started we didn’t know if he could make the whole 10 yards, but he pulled himself up and battled his way through the 60 minutes. And the crowd loved it. By now we have some real die hard fans that see every show, and they told us it was one of the best shows we played. The lyrics were good to hear, the show was tight and rocking, and most importantly, the new songs kicked ass. Some even claimed the new ones to be the best ones we ever wrote. We take that as a “Go on like that!”, and that’s just what we’ll do.

Right now we’re facing a 4 month hiatus as the Delliqs are leaving in search for their missing brother, which means no shows until April 2012. But we can assure you, we’ll have another new track ready when we hit the stage then.

Oh, photos will follow soon…stay tuned and check back regularly!