Hey everybody out here, a little time has passed since we’ve last met, and things are beginning to unravel….ooohoooo, mysterious….OK, cut the crap! To break the news to you: WE’RE BACK! And this time in full stereo and full-3D. We have announced it for many months now, and by today it is done, our debut EP “Airtime” is ready for take-off; all songs are mixed, the artwork is well on its way, and we’re about to hit the stage again. So here’s the whole non-back-to-back-double-header-package:

CD Release Gig at Elfer, Frankfurt

CD Release Gig at Elfer, Frankfurt

March 20: CD Release of “Airtime”  the Elfer in Frankfurt, together with our new and old friends of Gaspain and Projekt RSK.

April 17: First festival show this year at the 2010 SpringJam in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen

…check the “dates” section for more details….

Apart from that….man, this year starts off fine. Two shows booked already, the CD on the final yards, the band healthy and complete, and the weather will also be better and warmer soon :) The olympics are going alright, the alps are still covered with snow, and summer vacation is going to be a blast. The bunker is still standing, the amps are still pumping, and Shortfuse’s throat is shrinking back to normal. AND….we got some new songs coming at you this time round!! So,  you see, we’re just a happy little band, and if you join us live, well, no guarantee, but it’s pretty safe to say you’ll have a night you won’t regret…

So, check your schedule, block the live dates, be there, roq on!

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